Inspired by the Wave Plus, the Curl features 15 handy tools to keep you ready for any project.

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44.802,00 ₸
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Tools Included
  • 01
    Needlenose Pliers
  • 02
    Regular Pliers
  • 03
    Hard-wire Cutters
  • 04
    Wire Cutters
  • 05
    Wire Stripper
  • 06
    420HC Knife
  • 07
    Large Bit Driver
  • 08
    Spring-action Scissors
  • 09
    Diamond-coated File
  • 10
    Can Opener
  • 11
    Bottle Opener
  • 12
    Awl w/ Thread Loop
  • 13
    Ruler (4 in | 10 cm)
  • 14
    Wood/Metal File
  • 15
    Medium Screwdriver
included tools diagram
  • 01
    One-hand Operable Features
    Features on this tool can be opened and operated with one hand. This enables the user to keep the other hand free for situations that require multi-tasking or a free hand.
  • 02
    Outside-accessible Features
    This multi-tool features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position, mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife.
  • 03
    Bit Kit Compatibility
    Utilize link 10 or 15 with our custom made Bits.
  • 04
    Removable Pocket Clip
tool features diagram
Closed Length: 4 in | 10 cm
Open Length: 6.25 in | 15.87 cm
Primary Blade Length: 2.9 in | 7.37 cm
Weight: 7.5 oz | 212 g
Width: 1.24 in | 3.14 cm
Overall Thickness: .6 in | 1.5 cm
420HC Stainless Steel
tool specs diagram
Closed Length: 4 in | 10 cm


Classic and capable. The Curl is packed with some of Leatherman’s iconic features yet affordable for first-time users. It’s equipped with 15 different tools, including an ultra-sharp knife blade that’s accessible with one hand, spring-loaded scissors, and our customizable bit driver. Carry it wherever the work takes you with the removable pocket clip or the provided nylon sheath. Proudly backed by our 25-year warranty.


We’re proud to stand behind every product that leaves our factory in Portland, Oregon. That’s why we offer our 25-year warranty, so you can be confident your Leatherman lasts for a lifetime of use.