Leatherman Gift Guide

Leatherman Gift Guide

find the perfect leatherman

With 40+ years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, a multi-tool gift from Leatherman is practical, portable, and has a million (or so) uses. Each one is heirloom quality and built to last long enough to pass it down.

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customize your gift

Custom Leatherman tools on a black background

special occasions

The only thing better than a multi-tool is one made unique by you. These tools can be customized with words, artwork, and patterns to create one-of-a-kind gifts perfect for anniversaries, bridal or groomsman gifts, Father’s Day and more.

Gifts by Price

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    17.614,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
  • 18
    7.465,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
  • 10
    3.107,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
  • 373,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
  • 1.244,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
  • 21
    9.598,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    930,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    889,00 RD$ - 1.599,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    1.493,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    15.415,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    4.787,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    809,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    1.863,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    4.351,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    622,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)
    933,00 RD$ (Duties & Taxes Included)