Leatherman Wave on table Leatherman Wave on table

Engineer Explains: The Wave®

Engineer Explains: The Wave


The Wave® is the best-selling multi-tool of the Leatherman® brand and the best-selling multi-tool of all time. Don’t believe us? Just ask Ben Rivera. In this video, the Leatherman® CEO and multi-tool engineer details how he set about creating what we—and we might be biased—think is the greatest tool ever designed for the outdoors and around the house.

With more features than any other multi-tool, the Wave® raised the bar for function, portability, and unyielding performance. It’s one of the first of its kind that gives you easy access to four separate locking blades without having to open the tool. On top of that, the rounded handles are, hands down, the most comfortable of any multi-tool in our arsenal. Hidden inside lies seven additional tools for you to use at your leisure.

Watch as Ben explains the original concept for the Wave®, initially devised by taking a Dremel to the Pocket Survival Tool to create the handles and details the thought process into crafting the ultimate multi-tool. The Wave® was conceived with a comfortable handle in mind and the ability to open and close the tool with one hand, but it quickly became so much more.

These days the Wave® has undergone a few upgrades and morphed into the Wave® +, but still retains the durability of the original. Check out the video for highlights on how this tool took Leatherman to the next level and the thought process that went into crafting our favorite device.