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Leatherman Launches New Custom Shop

With the new Leatherman Custom Shop, anyone can easily design the look of their own multi-tool.

Beginning with a stainless steel or black colored multi-tool, users can add text, patterns, and artwork including personal images to the blade and handle. Using a laser engraving process, the Custom Shop helps create unique designs and special gifts that appeal to every tool owner including hunters, anglers, ranchers, contractors, outdoor explorers, military members and anyone who enjoys everyday carry. After creating a personalized design with the online Custom Shop, users sit back and relax as their new custom multi-tool is delivered to their doorstep within 1-2 weeks.

Open the Leatherman Custom Shop
A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Your Very Own Multi-Tool

Multi-Tools Available for Customization

  • Wave+: An international best-seller with 18 tools, one-handed versatility, and a high-carbon stainless steel, corrosion-resistant knife.

Customizable Areas

The blade and handle of select multi-tools are available for customizations. Users can add text, images or patterns to any or all sides of the blade and handle, with enhanced tools including the ability to change the size, orientation, and positioning of the designs. With the capability of layering images over patterns, text alongside artwork, and many other creative combinations, it’s easy to make a multi-tool 100% unique to each user. Pricing is based upon the individual customizations made to the multi-tool. *

Available Artwork

Users can add artwork from Leatherman’s extensive catalog, or upload work from a personal collection, making the possibilities endless for a unique multi-tool. The laser engraving process for uploaded images works best with black and transparent designs, and the extensive library selection from Leatherman includes over 100 graphics spanning categories like animals, nature, symbols, and vehicles. Users need to own or have the rights to use any personal images uploaded to the Custom Shop.

Add Your Own Text

With the ability to add text to the blade or handle it’s easy to express your message. Eight different fonts are available, and the Custom Shop allows adjustability for the size and orientation of whatever you want to write. Text can be applied to any or all sides of the blade or handle. Common text includes names and monikers, inspirational messages and funny inside jokes.

Eye-catching Patterns

Fifteen different patterns are available in the Custom Shop that add even more of a personal appeal to the multi-tool. Whether it’s the blade or handle (or both), with an ability to adjust the size and orientation of each pattern, it’s easy to create an eye-catching product that fits any personality.

Ships for Free to Your Doorstep

Once a design is completed and uploaded, we’ll take care of the rest. After making its way through the assembly line and laser engraving process, users can expect to receive their unique multi-tool within 1-2 weeks at the address provided during checkout.

*Customization Pricing

The total cost for a custom multi-tool is based upon each piece of artwork, text or pattern added to the multi-tool (plus the original price of the tool). That means if you add only a single piece of text to the multi-tool, or you make a special edition tool with engravings on all sides of the handle and blade, the cost will reflect the amount of engraving done. Here’s the price breakdown for customization:

Pricing for Customization:

  • $7.95-Text Only
  • $14.95—Catalog Images
  • $16.95 Upload Personal Design
  • $16.95 Patterns


Got some questions? Want some answers? Check out our FAQ Page for the nitty-gritty on this new, innovative custom engraving process.