Leatherman wave on a post Leatherman wave on a post

Wave® Week

Wave® Week

26 years after it was brought to life by then-Leatherman Product Engineer (now CEO) Ben Rivera, the Wave continues to make (forgive us)… waves.

It went to space. And the Museum of Modern Art. Has had multiple cameos in movies and TV, including a hilarious one on the Simpsons. And has been making problems disappear magician style for years. Not bad for a multi-tool made right here in Portland, Oregon, right?

Celebrate Wave Week with some of our favorite stories about this international bestseller.

Ben holding a wave


The Wave is the best-selling multi-tool of the Leatherman® brand and the best-selling multi-tool of all time. Don’t believe us? Just ask Ben Rivera. In this video, the Leatherman CEO and multi-tool engineer details how he set about creating what we—and we might be biased—think is the greatest tool ever designed for the outdoors and around the house.
Wave handles from a manufacturing bin


Listen in as Rivera recaps how this iconic tool took form, why it was almost removed from the product line 6 years later, and its lasting legacy. BONUS: watch to the end to see the creative way people permanently display their love for the Wave.
man holding leatherman wave


Watch a demo of all the tools, features, and specs of our perennial bestseller. We recommend all 2:09 minutes of this video, but if you’re the type who likes to open presents early, skip ahead to 1:42 to discover a hidden feature of the Wave® Plus.
Wave amongst bolts


In honor of its 25th birthday, here are 7 fun facts about this game-changing multi-tool that may surprise even Leatherman diehards.

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