Leatherman Micras on a desk Leatherman Micras on a desk



Introduced in 1996, the Leatherman Micra® is our most popular mini multi-tool. A hit with anglers, hobbyists and those who appreciate the best spring-action scissors around. In fact, Micra was the first Leatherman multi-tool to have spring-action scissors as a primary feature. Personal care features that fit on your key chain are just part of what makes the Micra truly unique. Ten useful tools are packed into this tiny, lightweight Leatherman.

Ideal for first-time multi-tool owners, you may wonder how you ever lived without it. Or if you’re a Leatherman fan from way back, you can bring all the functionality you love about full-sized multi-tools to a small, keychain size. Solve problems wherever you go. Practical and perfect for a tackle box, pocket, purse, pack, or sewing kit, the Micra makes a great gift.

Micra is now available exclusively on leatherman.com in four new colors in Cerakote: Arctic Blue, Black Cherry, Slate, and Navy. Add one to your collection. Or get your very first Micra in these fresh-from-the-factory shades.

Adjusting sunglass screw with a micra

Our 6 Favorite Things About Leatherman Micra

1. Multiple color options

Our best-selling, pocket-friendly multi-tool matches up with your personal style. Choose from the four new colors, or go with our classics like blue, green, red and black. Bright colors make these tools easier to spot in a purse or bag or out in the field if they happen to drop. Goodbye, lost tools.

2. Small Size

Portability is key with a mini multi-tool. Micra manages to pack 10 essential tools into a compact design weighing less than two ounces (about the weight of two AA batteries, for reference). Whether in a pockets or on a keychain, it’s literally always there when you need it. Total win.

3. Spring-action scissors

Sturdy and easy to use, these scissors are some of our best. Everyday cutting jobs are no problem, and there’s plenty of spring back which makes them more comfortable and accurate. Are you an avid angler? These scissors are also ideal for cutting fishing line. Sidenote: because the Micra has a lanyard ring, it’s great for carrying on a fishing vest or bag. Check out our other favorite fishing tools here.

4. personal care tools

Groom on the go with an included nail file. The tweezers come in so handy, you’ll be saving the day more times than you can count. Grab something small that fell, remove splinters, or get a hold of that pesky, loose thread.

5. 420hc knife

Sharp and reliable, the Micra’s blade is made from high-quality 420HC steel. At a manageable 1.5 inches, it makes opening packages no problem at all.

6. Customizable

How do you make our best mini multi-tool even better? Make it your own! Add even more style to your Micra with a message, name, or special artwork. Like many of our other multi-tools, the Micra is customizable. Make sure everyone knows it’s yours or create the perfect gift.

Using a Leatherman Micra to cut fabric and open a bottle

5 star reviews

Here’s what people have to say about the Micra®.

“As a mother, I use this every single day. I call it my ‘pocket scissors.’ I love it. I put it on my keychain and always have it with me when needed. The tweezers come in handy more than you would think, too.”—Laura P.

“I love having this Micra on my keychain. The knife, screwdrivers, and especially the scissors come in handy all the time!”—Philip P.

“Tiny yet mighty! Let’s just get this out of the way—I *love* the Micra. My family *loves* the Micra. Each member of the family has one, and each of my bags has one. The reason why is because it is so versatile, and so light and easy to carry. The scissors and blade are nice and sharp, and the bottle opener comes in handy, too. It is light and compact, so it is easy to find a place for it no matter where you go.”—Mathew L.

Leatherman Micra key chain


Mathew L. said it best, and we happen to agree. No matter how you plan to use it (or gift it), the super practical and keychain-sized Micra is a great first-time tool or addition to your full-sized multi-tool collection. But we could talk all day. Best to just try it for yourself.